The changing face of Retail Theft in Johannesburg

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Shoplifters are becoming more sophisticated

Beating the tag system

Retail crime, theft and shoplifting is reportedly on the rise in Johannesburg, with criminals becoming far more savvy about beating the tag security system. They cut the tags out in-store so that the garments can be carried past the tag sensor system at the door without detection.

Restaurants being targeted

Another syndicate is also focusing on restaurants; 3 or 4 women are stealing handbags and wallets from restaurant tables and chairs.

Apparently they are also threatening car guards and breaking into cars by popping the back windscreens and stealing valuables. As always, don’t leave valuables in sight, put them in the boot. It is also wise to put your stuff into the boot, before you leave your home or office, rather than doing it after you have parked where you can be watched.



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