Control Room
Security Officers & Guarding
Armed Response
Risk Management
VIP Protection
OHSE Audit & Compliance
Forensic Investigations
Background Checking


Is your security system up to date and compliant?

Our technical team is knowledgeable about the products they install while providing a reliable maintenance service


We provide a Certificate of Compliance (COC) with our electric fence installations

Our alarm, CCTV, biometric and patrolling systems are of an excellent standard

We provide maintenance contracts which include repairs and call outs

We do property risk assessments and can tailor-make security solutions to suit your needs

Control Room Technology

Our state-of-the-art, 24-hour Control Centre manned by professionally trained controllers is the key to our reliability and effectiveness.

All of our systems are integrated and run from our Control Centre as the incident

is taking place.

The Control Centre also has direct contact with SAPS, paramedics, CPF (Community Police Forum) members and clients


Security Officers

Do you need a highly trained, 24-hour patrolling and information security system? 

Our well-trained officers are full vetted through PSIRA and AFIS, to ensure trustworthiness.

Reliable, punctual and friendly, their objective is to protect and serve with excellence.

We offer dog/security officer patrol guarding.

Armed Response

Do you worry about your security team’s response time?

Our response time is guaranteed. We respond immediately and we contact all other necessary emergency services.

Our highly-trained professionals react calmly in emergencies and can handle

first aid & fire-fighting.

We also offer free trauma counselling.

We don’t only respond to the scene of a crime, but provide everything necessary to immediately assist victims.

Our vehicles are fully equipped for emergencies.

We provide forensic assistance to the SAPS.

Risk Management

 Is my business really safe from crime? We have risk auditing specialists who will workshop security solutions for your business and private needs.


We save you money with cost-effective solutions.

Our only objective is keeping your family and employees safe.

A secure home and business means lower insurance costs.

Our security solutions eliminate stress on your family and improve productivity in your employees because they feel safe.

VIP Protection

Does your VIP need protecting? We bring years of close protection experience ensuring the safety of the South African elite including politicians and other VIPs.


We are dedicated , reliable, punctual and safe.

We care about the subject we protect.

We have never had an incident.

OHSE Compliance and Audits 

 Is your business OHSE compliant?
We are certified to conduct OHSE Act audits, analyse and design 100% compliance solutions.

Providing a safer, healthier workplace, making happier, more productive employees

Forensic Investigations

Do you have an unsolved criminal or civil case?

Our highly experienced team of forensic specialists is dedicated to bringing you answers

and peace of mind.

With more than 20 years in forensic investigation and an extremely successful track record in case resolution and prosecution in all investigated cases

Criminal Background Checks

Are you worried about employing criminals? Need to avoid theft of money or confidential information and documents?

Our system is linked to the SAPS AFIS (Automated Fingerprint Identification System) system and we can verify criminal backgrounds or pending cases within 48 hours

We are one of the few South African security companies to perform this service in-house, allowing us to provide reliable and affordable results


Are you concerned about a staff member who may be stealing or deceitful?

Our comprehensive in-house polygraphing service includes a qualified profiler who does voice stress analysis and lie detection. This profiler is one of only six people in South Africa qualified to do the latest polygraph and voice-stress analysis together.

You get affordable, highly accurate, polygraph testing to vet your employees.