Meet The Team

– A force to be reckoned with

Stefan Maloney

Using his extensive experience gained from a long career in the South African Police Service: Murder, Robbery & Organised Crime Unit and the specialised Hawks. He also has experience in Security Management. Stefan’s strength lies in security management and he is a specialist in finding highly effective solutions to crime prevention. His objective is to provide you, your family and your employees with peace-of-mind.

John Mibe

Operations Director
He is an expert in operational management in the security industry. Coupled with his drive and passion to protect his clients make him the right man to keep the company focused on its objective to protect and serve its clients.

Vanessa Welke

Project Director
Her experience on major corporate projects coupled with brilliant organisational skills make Vanessa the ideal person to manage all the TRT Security projects ensuring that the clients receive the best possible service at all times.

Stejean Maloney

IT Manager and Legal Advisor
With a head for technology and a background in law, Stejean’s highly professional legal advice and IT solutions make him a valuable asset to the team.

Security staff

Our staff is PSIRA certified, and skills include:

first aid : firefighting : life skills: problem solving : trauma counseling : forensic investigation : profiling : OHSE : technical : legal : labour relations : project management : IT